Free Hands-on Math Work Mats


Hands-on reusable work mats make teaching math to your Kindergarten or first grader easy with barely any prep work. Simply laminate the work mats or slip into reusable pockets and it’s ready to use. Children can work on addition, subtraction, fact families, skip counting, hundreds chart and so much more. The hands-on work mats make […]

Magentic Clock Building on a Pizza Pan FREE Math Activity


I love finding fun hands on activities to help my little ones to solidify their learning. This is especially helpful in math. This is a fun little learning activity to help kids understand the concept of telling time. It is a printable set that includes the clock numbers and hands and clock cards with hour […]

The Ultimate Guide to Hands on Learning in Middle School


It’s important to continue helping our kids learn in hands on ways, even in the upper grades! As your children get older they are studying more and using a lot more books and textbooks. They are also learning to think for themselves, critical thinking skills and to question and analyze everything. These are the years […]