12 Genius Homemade LEGO Table Hacks


If your family loves LEGOs, check out this list of homemade LEGO table hacks to make the most of your LEGO playing area. LEGOs are a permanent fixture in my living room. My son can not get enough of them. He keeps certain LEGOs in a Ziploc bag, but the others are just kept in […]

31 Useful Dollar Store Organization Hacks Everyone Should Know About


DO NOT miss out on these 31 useful Dollar Store organization tricks that everyone should know about. Thirty minutes into viewing these awesome ideas, I knew I had to share it. I literally got caught up in thinking how I can get my hands on these Dollar Store items to start organizing. My favorite idea […]

5 Library Hacks Every Mom Should Know


Every mom should have these library hacks and tips under her belt. I hope libraries never become a thing of the past. They are filled with mystery, history, facts, fiction, endless information and imagination. Although we have these things at our fingertips through the internet, nothing compares to actually experiencing a trip to the Library. […]