Free Groundhog Day Activity Pack for Kids

Groundhog Activities

Celebrate Groundhog Day in your homeschool with this fun activity pack for kids. Included in this pack is a word search, how many words can you make, word list for creative writing, and more! Stop by Embark on the Journey and download your free Groundhog Day Activity Pack today. Need An Affordable Approach to Learning? […]

Free February Writing Prompts

Feb Writing Prompts

Elementary students will be inspired to write with this pack of writing prompts!Children in grades K-4 will love writing with these printable writing prompts. There are 28 prompts included in this pack – one for every day in February! The pack includes prompts that touch on holidays, inspiring questions, and creative writing prompts. Pick and […]

FREE Groundhog Day Preschool Pack

Groundhog Day Print

Whether you’re a fan of the cold weather or not, your preschoolers will be fans of this fun learning pack!Preschoolers will love learning with this fun groundhog-themed learning pack! It’s packed full of activities that focus on ABCs and 123s, and there are a few more pages for older preschoolers. These pages focus on rhyming […]

Free Groundhog Day Coloring Worksheets


Your kids will have fun guessing whether there will be another 6 weeks of winter or if spring will come early – all based on whether or not the groundhog sees his shadow! It’s fun to incorporate holidays into our homeschool schedules, and next week is Groundhog Day! These Free Groundhog Day Coloring Worksheets are […]

Free Groundhog Day Activity Pack

Will the groundhog see it’s shadow and determine that there will be another 6 weeks of winter or will he not see it and declare that spring will arrive early? Groundhog Day is almost here, and it is a fun holiday that kids love to celebrate! This Free Groundhog Day Activity Pack has fun games […]

Free Groundhog Day Writing Prompts for K-2


Do your kids enjoy guessing with the groundhog whether winter will be continuing or spring will be coming soon? If they do, they will love these writing prompts! The fun of Groundhog Day is just around the corner and Sight and Sound Reading has a set of Free Groundhog Day Writing Prompts for your K-2 students […]

Groundhog Day Shadow Matching Activity


This is the cutest activity if you are teaching your little ones about Groundhog Day!This fun activity matches the groundhog to his shadow shape. You can print these cards and laminate them and use them over and over again. This fun activity will help your children to learn visual discriminating skills.Download your FREE Groundhog Day […]

FREE Groundhog Day Activity Pack

Groundhog Day Submit

  This winter, your kids will enjoy completing these Groundhog Day activities during your winter homeschooling! Inside this free printable, you’ll find the following activities:  word search crack the code word list and writing pages (can be used for spelling, vocabulary, or a creative writing word bank) answer keys and more! Stop by and download […]