Grammar Galaxy $120 value Giveaway Feb. 12-18


If grammar gets groans at your house, you’ll love Grammar Galaxy. Using story to engage children in every aspect of language arts, Grammar Galaxy isn’t your typical English curriculum. In fact, moms tell author and homeschool mom, Melanie Wilson, that their children beg to do the lessons every day! This week Enrichment Studies is hosting a […]

FREE Printable Adverb Mini-Pack


Adverbs are modifiers in a sentence and an important part of grammar, but sometimes they’re hard to understand. Their role is often confused with that of an adjective. Give your student extra adverb practice with this free printable Adverb Mini-Pack. It includes an anchor sheet and four worksheets!Click here to download your free printables! Need An Affordable Approach […]

Daily Grammar Archive – Over 400 FREE Grammar Lessons


Charlotte Mason recommends that students begin grammar lessons around the ages of eight or nine years old. That gives moms plenty of time to explore and find a curriculum that suits their child’s learning style. This Daily Grammar Archive gives lots of options and covers simple, yet meaningful grammar lessons! In fact, there are truly […]

How to use commas with compound sentences – FREE exercise and infographic


This infographic will help you to teach your students when to use commas in a compound sentence that is joined by a coordinating conjunction.This is such a neat Grammar lesson! After the infographic, you’ll find a free, downloadable exercise to give your students to reinforce the material they’ve just learned. The answers are also included in the download.You […]

FREE Printable Action Verb Worksheet


Verbs. Sigh. Either you “get” them or you struggle through practice sheets for 10 of your 12 years of schooling. If I could encourage you moms that have younger elementary students that have a hard time understanding verbs, don’t give up! I thought my own children were destined for a life of grammar misunderstanding, but […]

Homeschool Series: Language Arts

Language Arts encompasses so many different subjects it is hard to wade through them all. Check out some of our favorites to help you choose. Over 45 to choose from! ::

Language Arts is one of those subjects that you are either passionate about or loathe. I happen to be in the first camp and absolutely love grammar, creative writing and even literature. It was one of my best subjects in school and I even tutored it through college. Unfortunately, my children have not yet found […]

FREE Printable Noun Hunt Grammar Activity


Nouns are an important building block of the sentence. Supplement your child’s grammar study with this free, printable Noun Hunt. It’s a fun way to practice recognizing nouns! Simple instructions are included.Click here to download your free printable! Need An Affordable Approach to Learning? Save time, money and stress with our award-winning online homeschool curriculum!

Printable Adjectives and Adverbs Craftivity FREEBIE


We are really struggling with adjectives and adverbs at our homeschool table, so this “craftivity” really piqued my interest! Even though I have teens, I’m tempted to make them do this just for the practice. It’s meant to reinforce the concept of modifiers and what words they are describing. If your student struggles with this […]

“Loving Grammar” Giveaway & Why I Love this Book


Congratulations to our winners! gateacher1230@sarah1036@trouble_120@ If you want to purchase this awesome curriculum you can save 20% off with coupon code: LGHGFShop here –> www.LovingGrammar.comAfter choosing the textbook and (if desired) answer key, enter the coupon code and continue to check out with PayPal or with credit/debit card.When Mr. Lund contacted me about doing a giveaway, I was pretty intrigued […]

FREE Prepositions of Time Printable


Looking for some extra preposition practice for your student? With this free set of “Prepositions of Time” printables, you’ll have plenty to keep her busy with worksheets, a reference chart, and a quiz! Click here to download your free printables! Need An Affordable Approach to Learning? Save time, money and stress with our award-winning online homeschool […]