FREE Goal Planning Worksheets


If you are setting goals for yourself, then these goal planning worksheets  should help make it an easy task. I usually don’t just set one goal for myself at a time, I usually set several goals and intend to achieve each one. I reckon that it is important to actually write them down, so you hold yourself […]

FREE Printable! Family Goal Setting Worksheet for the New Year


New Year’s is a great time to set goals for yourself, but what about for your family? With this free, printable goal-setting worksheet, the whole crew can sit down and brainstorm ideas and goals for the upcoming year. There’s a category for places to visit, family activities, traditions to start, new things to try, spiritual […]

FREE Printable Goal Setting Workbook


Is there something nagging you that you’d like to change, but feel like you don’t have the brain-power to tackle it? Download this free, printable Goal-setting Workbook! Whether it’s homeschool-related or has to do with your outside commitments (or somewhere in between!), this workbook will get you moving in the right direction!Click here to download your […]

Free Printable Planner and Journal for Teens

Jan Planner Jrnl

Help your teens start the new year off right by getting organized and setting goals!With its calendars, goal trackers, and journaling pages, this journal contains everything your teen (or you) needs to start the new year on the right track. Help your teen set goals and actually meet them with the goal planning page. They’ll […]

Set your goals and make them happen! (Freebie)


I’d like to invite you all to join us at Little Learning Lovies for a great tutorial just in time for New Years Resolutions! Learn how to not only set goals for yourself, but also how to set yourself up for real success in achieving those goals! We also have a great FREE printable for […]