23 Do-it-Yourself Garden Projects for Your Home


These unique projects for your garden are just too cool to pass up. These 23 DIY ideas are full of projects including trellises, planters, boxes, beds, fountains, barrels, bins, greenhouses, arbors, and more. Some of these projects can totally be made with reclaimed lumber or other items you may have around already. This is perfect […]

75 Important Benefits to Gardening


Have you ever wanted to garden, but needed that extra nudge to start? Are you thinking of giving up on gardening after a few failed attempts? Then stop by this 4 part series of 75 benefits to gardening today for encouragement. This is only part 1 of reasons to garden; these are the top 31 health reasons to start […]

FREE Plants and Gardening Learning Pack


This free gardening and plants unit learning packet will be a hit in your homeschool for nature studies. This plant learning packet for kindergarten – 2nd grade learners features a plant observation journal page, plant labeling, a garden scavenger hunt, a garden, and more. Studying about plants and nature require many hands-on learning possibilities. The […]

FREE Printable Homemaker Backyard Gardening Basics


If you are thinking and (ready) to start your very own garden, then download the Backyard Garden Basics For Homemakers printable for free. This post is proof that if you don’t give up, you will eventually succeed in gardening. After many failed garden attempts and perseverance, this mom found a way to make it work. […]

FREE Montessori Botany Materials for a Gardening Unit


Don’t miss out on this roundup of free botany materials for a gardening unit in your homeschool. If you are planning a gardening unit this year, then use these printables for a variety of ages. Gardening teaches kids so many skills. This post also provides a list of free Montessori materials available online you can […]

Garden Sensory Bins for Summer Sensory Play


Help create garden sensory bins for your kids to explore throughout summer. Toddlers and preschoolers can have fun planting and replanting their own garden sensory bins. Some of us have green thumbs and some of us do not. I am the latter of the two. However, if you are planning on planting this summer but […]

Gardening for Better Health: A Beginners Guide


Start gardening for better health with this beginners guide to help you. It is absolutely amazing that we can completely control over what gets worked into your soil and sprayed on your plants with gardening. Gardening for your family is a skill that is so valuable, I don’t really think the modern society has really grasped […]

How to Plant a Garden Steps & Printable Montessori 3-Part Cards


Here is the perfect set of 3-part cards for kids to learn exactly how to plant a garden. It includes all of the steps & the printable Montessori 3-Part Cards.   This is a great printable for everyone to enjoy. Simply click here to check out this freebie from The Natural Homeschool now! Need An […]