FREE Printable Fun Pumpkin Activity Pack


Pumpkin patch season has arrived. Is anyone else excited besides me? Check out this free pumpkin fun pack to take full advantage of this season. This freebie comes with a 13 page PDF including recipes,  pumpkin fun lesson, recipes, copy work, pumpkin dissection, pumpkin life cycle, fun videos to watch all about pumpkins, parts of […]

FREE Dice Addition and Subtraction Game


Even if you are not a board game loving family, you probably have some die lying around your home. These free printable addition and subtraction games to use with dice are fun, simple math activities for some math practice in your homeschool. Once your kiddos have learned to add and subtract this math activity will […]

FREE Printable Handwriting and Trace Pages


Can your child use a boost in sharpening their handwriting skills? These trace and handwriting pages, for upper and lowercase letters, are great for handwriting practice. We all know how not-so-fun traditional handwriting pages are. We can’t expect kids to be super excited about pages and pages of empty lines needing to be filled by […]

FREE Colorful and Motivating Reading Journal for Kids


Motivating your kids to read can be fun with this free homeschool colorful reading journal. These totally awesome journal pages include 3 covers and 4 logs. It is best to use different types of forms for kids when completing a reading journal. It keeps them intrigued and wanting to complete them. What is cool about these journals […]

10 Awesome Slime Recipes


I just had to share this blog post. If your kids love slime like mine do, then you have to have to check out these 10 awesome slime recipes. The recipes range from chia seed slime to lavender scented slime. Before you pass on this post, I want to tell you about my kids and slime. […]

Summer Sensory Bins For Your Young Learner


These end of summer sensory bins or sensory tubs are suited perfectly for babies, toddlers and preschoolers. If you’re looking for fun toddler summer activities in this last month of heat, then this collection of summer sensory bins is just what you need. Use these last short moments of summer sensory play and to get […]

FREE Creative Writing Printables for Kids


Don’t miss out on these free creative writing printables your kids will enjoy. I love creative writing. I was first introduced to creative writing in college. I was on cloud 9. Beyond my love of writing, learning how to write from ideas of my own, with different perspectives and no restrictions attached was so freeing. […]