FREE Virginia State History Printable

Virginia State History Printable

From the first English settlement in America through the American Revolution, the War of 1812, and the Civil War, Virginia and her citizens have been in the middle of the growing pains of the nation. Virginia has the distinction of being the birthplace of at least eight United States presidents and many others who have […]

FREE Wisconsin State History Printable

Wisconsin State History Printable

Wisconsin is a state of firsts. The home of the first practical typewriter invented, the first plant built to provide electricity from water power, the home of malted milk, and the list could go on and on. It’s also the birthplace of Joseph McCarthy, Laura Ingalls Wilder, William Rehnquist, Frank Lloyd Wright, Eric Heiden, Deke […]

FREE New Hampshire State History Printable

New Hampshire State History Printable

New Hampshire is a state filled with beauty. Tourists love the mountains, lakes, and beaches. In the fall, the beauty of the bright leaves in all shades of red, orange, and yellow attract many visitors. And in the winter, the mountains attract skiers from many areas. Many famous people are from New Hampshire, including Franklin […]

FREE Arizona State History Printable

FREE Arizona State History Printable

Despite the desert heat, Arizona has become one of the fastest-growing states in the United States. With its beautiful scenery, electronic and aerospace manufacturing, and natural resources, it’s an amazing state to live in. It’s also the birthplace of many famous individuals including Barry Goldwater, Cesar Chavez, Geronimo, Ira Hamilton Hayes, Lori Ann Piestewa, and many […]

FREE Oregon State History Printable

Oregon State History Printable

Dig into the rich history of the state of Oregon with this free 7-page printable. This land that was once claimed by Russia, Spain, Great Britain, and the United States is also the birthplace of many famous people including Beverly Cleary, Chief Joseph, Linus Pauling, Douglas Engelbart, and Steve Prefontaine. Take a closer look at the history […]

FREE Kansas State History Printable

Kansas History Printable

What do you think of when you hear about Kansas? Wheat fields? Dodge City? All that and so much more are part of this state’s fascinating history! Discover how much your student knows about the home state of Charles Curtis, Amelia Earhart, Gene Mauch, Walter Perry Johnson, Emmett Kelly, Sr., Walter Percy Chrysler, and many others […]

FREE Connecticut State History Printable

Connecticut History Printable

How much do you know about Connecticut’s rich and exciting history? Not only was it the site of the first telephone exchange in the world and the place where the first cookbook written by an American was published, as one of the original thirteen colonies, Connecticut took part in the beginnings of the nation and sent delegates […]

FREE Tennessee State History Printable

Tennessee Becomes a State Printable

Why did Tennessee have its own independent government at one point in history? What epidemic struck the state in the 1870s? Who are some of the famous men and women who were born there? Check out our timeline of Tennessee History Printable! This seven-page free printable includes geography, a timeline quiz (with answer key), and research […]