FREE and Cheap Homeschool Resources


Homeschooling costs really can add up, whether you have a tight or large budget. Either way, it is always good to keep your homeschool budget to a minimum and it totally can be done! The site has super cool free homeschool curriculum resources that can help your family keep those costs down. Want a […]

100+ FREE Resources for Homeschooling High School


Why spend money on curriculum when you can educate your children for free? Incredibly, here are extensive lists of free resources for homeschooling high school. Chemistry, economics, biology, math, literature, writing, poetry, math, history, Spanish, Bible, and much more – they are enough to keep your child busy for a long time!Click here to find […]

FREE Resource List for Studying the U.S. Government

FREE Resource List for Studying the U.S. Government Check out this list of FREE resources to learn more about the U.S. Government!

Every year, many students in middle school and high school throughout the United States study our government and how it works. Here are fun ways to learn more through lesson plans, games, activities, and presentations. FIND YOUR FREE RESOURCE LIST FOR STUDYING THE US GOVERNMENT HERE Need An Affordable Approach to Learning? Save time, money […]

Civics, Economics and Government for Highschool: Recommended Resources and Freebies


Have you been wondering how to teach government and economics in highschool?Homeschooling through Highschool doesn’t have to be a daunting thing! I like to include my highschooler in our planning and our favorite thing to plan this year was our Government/Civics Credit and our Economics Credit. Both of these classes are a semester long. I […]

The Ultimate List of Weather Themed Unit Studies, Ideas and Free Resources


Weather can be quite a fascinating thing for children. “Mommy why was it cold yesterday and now it’s hot?” Why is it dark outside at lunchtime?” Lots of cute questions like that can spur on great learning opportunities.Here is The Ultimate List of Weather Themed Unit Studies, Ideas and Free Resources!!!Unit Studies and Printables:40 page […]