All About the President FREE Printable Notebooking Unit


We’ve got to stay one step ahead of calendar events, so I’m presenting to you this free, printable notebooking unit. Presidents’ Day will be here before you know it, and this All About the Presidents unit is perfect to lead the way in the weeks ahead of the holiday!Elementary students and even some middle schoolers […]

FREE Printable Telling Time Activities


Telling time is an important life skill. It may take lots of practice on the part of a student while others may quickly understand the concept. Thankfully, practice makes perfect and there are free, printable Telling Time Activities that will strengthen the skill! This free printable game comes with complete instructions for playing. When it […]

22 FREE Printable Bible Games


Bible time doesn’t have to be dry and boring. Christian parents have every reason to study the Bible with their children! First of all, the Bible isn’t a book of fairy tales, it’s a¬†factual, historical account. Secondly, the Bible is interesting and full of true stories that will amaze your children. Thirdly, there are lots […]

How to Put Together Inexpensive STEM Ideas with FREE Printable


You just never know when your child will be hit with the creative bug, and it’s nice to have trinkets on hand. I Googled “STEM supplies” and several STEM websites popped up with kits starting about $100. Hard to believe! While there’s nothing wrong with purchasing supplies, the truth is that you probably have lots […]

FREE Printable! Family Goal Setting Worksheet for the New Year


New Year’s is a great time to set goals for yourself, but what about for your family? With this free, printable goal-setting worksheet, the whole crew can sit down and brainstorm ideas and goals for the upcoming year. There’s a category for places to visit, family activities, traditions to start, new things to try, spiritual […]

FREE Printable Constellation Luminary Paper Craft


Of all the freebies I’ve passed along to you, this is one of my favorites! I have always felt that while the stars and the night sky are beautiful, to identify and draw an imaginary line between the stars to form a constellation is difficult. Maybe it’s the linear way that my mind works, but […]

FREE Printable Gluten-Free, Whole Foods Grocery List for Aldi


If you don’t have an Aldi in your area, start praying for one and then contact the company via their website to request one! These small grocery stores are well-known for their fantastic prices and quality product. They also have a fabulous return policy so if you ever run across an item you don’t absolutely […]