FREE Valentine Pack Teaching Kids What Love Is


I Love My Family Celebrate A Meaningful Family Valentine (Free Printable) Share a meaningful Family Valentine’s Celebration while teaching your kids what love really is with this fun and cute printable from Fun With A Message. It will help you encourage and uplift your kids and spouse and it’s a great way to teach kids […]

{Free} – Letter Formation Posters


The Trials Of Learning Neat Handwriting…You spend years showing them, practicing with them, encouraging them, correcting them, and what do they do? They forget! :)  It’s okay. It happens to the best of us. Sometimes kids just need a little reminder and that’s what I have for you here today. A customer of mine requested […]

FREE Printable Letter Books


Download FREE printable letter books for every letter of the alphabet from The Measured Mom. Each little book has six rhymes or songs that go along with the letter.GET THEM HERE Need An Affordable Approach to Learning? Save time, money and stress with our award-winning online homeschool curriculum!

FREE Printable for Oh, the Places You’ll Go! {What Do I Want to Be When I Grow Up}


Deciding what one wants to be when they grow up is such a big decision, one that even many adults still haven’t figured out. Yet, it’s one of the most frequently asked questions of children of all ages. To help demystify this age-old question, World for Learning has created a beautiful FREE printable to help […]

Easy Lowercase Tracing


easy lowercase tracing The Alphabet Tracing activity for the uppercase letters was so popular that I have decided to share the lowercase edition of this tracing activity. Hope your children enjoy it as much as mine do! Download the easy alphabet tracing activity here: easy alphabet tracing – Virtually A Teacher Need An Affordable Approach […]

Easy Alphabet Matching


This is a guest post from Virtually A Teacher! Free Printable – Alphabet Matching Monday Freebie? It’s not such a catchy title but Mondays are horrible and we need some cheering up. So, I’m sharing my very first freebie! This free printable allows kids to practice tracing as well as matching. It will also help […]

Easy Alphabet Tracing


This is a guest post from Virtually A Teacher! Free Printable – Alphabet Tracing   Happy Monday Freebie! Today I am sharing my free printable Easy Alphabet Tracing activity. I have bought so many activity books hoping that “this will be the one cookie likes”. The first issue with activity books is that the print […]

Easy Number Tracing


This is a guest post from Virtually A Teacher!Number tracing and Homeschool must go on! It’s Monday! Here is the sequel to Easy Alphabet Tracing … Easy Number Tracing! This number tracing activity allows you to present one number at a time. Your kids can trace and learn numbers 1 to 24. The different colors […]