FREE Printable Thanksgiving Curriculum


It’s the week of Thanksgiving! Are you excited?! At Homeschool Giveaways, we love the season of thankfulness, and look for every opportunity to encourage it not only in our homes, but in your homes, too! This freebie is the one you do not want to pass up. It’s from our friends at Answers In Genesis, and […]

Colonial Games with FREE Printable Game Board and Instructions

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Add a fun, different historical aspect to the days leading up to Thanksgiving with these fun games from long ago! Your kids will enjoy reading the instructions and playing some of the same games that children played during America’s Colonial years. This freebie includes one board game and the instructions for an additional four games.Click here […]

FREE Printable Volcano Mini-Book


Volcanoes are exciting and quite interesting to learn about. If you have the time and the resources, it’s fun to plan an experiment to illustrate its components, but that’s not your only option. Here’s a free, printable mini-book that your child can color then read. It’s a simpler activity, but one that can still help your […]

Five Little Gingerbread Men with FREE Printables


The Five Little Gingerbread Men is a sweet story that’s perfect for the holidays! It’s a fun folk tale that involves cookies and counting, so how could you go wrong?! Children love hearing it told again and again, and with the free printables, moms will enjoy combining the fun with learning!Click here to continue reading […]

FREE Printable Sight Word Worksheet Pack


What a fantastic resource for parents of young readers! When a child is learning to read, it’s important for them to have various types of practice and reinforcement. Reading out of beginner books is one way. This free, printable pack contains 10 pages of sight word practice, and is another way to add extra help. […]