10 Games to Play With Any Vocabulary Words with FREE Printables


Studying vocab words can be so borrrring. Zzzz. Liven things up for your student with these 10 games. You can play them with any vocab words, and many of them have free printables that will enable you to start playing right away! If you’re not careful, you’re going to have a child that’s begging to […]

100 Oregon Trail Homeschool History Resources


Study the early American western pioneers with a study of the Oregon Trail. With so many homeschool history resources, there’s bound to be something that will really set your child’s interest on fire! There are lesson plans and free teacher’s guides, a recommended book list, unit studies, and much more!Click here to study the Oregon […]

Teaching Kids How to Use Money Wisely with FREE Printable


Whether our children have money from gifts, jobs, or an allowance, it is our responsibility to teach them to use it wisely. Even while they’re young we can teach them to save, spend, and give. The free printable is a tracking sheet that will enable your child to actually record where her money is going.Click here to […]

Charlotte Mason-Inspired Kindergarten Curriculum Plan


The Charlotte Mason style of philosophy and methods are perfect for teaching kindergarten-aged children. This particular curriculum was inspired by the great Charlotte Mason, and is a lovely, gentle way to surround your child with an atmosphere of learning.Click here to download your free curriculum plan!

FREE Printable Copywork Lessons


Do you know the difference between handwriting, penmanship, and copywork? The answer is found in these copywork tools! There are 29 pages in the free, printable Copywork Lessons. Included with the copywork pages are a podcast, an explanation of the benefits of copywork, a copywork checklist, and a step-by-step lesson plan. There’s so much information here, you […]

FREE Printable High School Course Record Form


If your high schooler has a lot of non-standard courses, you need this form! It will allow you to log your his time which you can turn into course credit. This is not for courses that use standard textbooks or curriculum. It’s a simple form, but it will make your life so much easier!Click here to download your […]