FREE How to Correct Your Student’s Writing Assignments eBook


One of my least favorite things to do is grading. Ughhhh. What’s worse is having to grade my children’s creative writing assignments. There’s so much to keep track of and remember! If you can identify with my angst, you will be relieved to discover this free resource: How to Correct Your Student’s Writing Assignments. This […]

The Underground History of American Education, Volume 1 FREE for a Limited Time


The Underground History of American Education, Volume 1: An Intimate Investigation into the Prison of Modern Schooling by John Taylor Gatto, Two-Time New York State Teacher of the Year.A former teacher, John Taylor Gatto left the classroom the same year he was named New York State Teacher of the Year. Using anecdotes gathered from thirty years of teaching, […]

Free Introduction to Engineering Ebook for Highschool


Do you have a student that is interested in learning more about the Engineering Field?This is a great book for those interested in learning more about engineering. It introduces engineering techniques and practices to high school students. This book is designed for a broad range of student abilities and does not require significant math or […]

Free Ebook Easy Start Guide To Fine Art Painting!


Getting a child started with “real” paints can seem overwhelming.Worries about wasting time and money on something uncertain can arise.Parents can feel unqualified to teach art because they are not an artist, or have never even picked up a paintbrush. Fortunately, getting started with acrylic paints can be much simpler and less expensive than generally […]

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Here is a brand new coffee break book from the Home Scholar!In this book, you will learn:how to identify and eliminate sources of educational dependence,how to regain your peace of mind, andhow to rekindle your children’s love of learning.“How to Homeschool Independently” is part of The HomeScholar’s Coffee Break Book series. Designed especially for parents […]