FREE Printable Country Lap Books

free country lapbooks, england, france, italy, sri lanka, vermont, jamaica

If you are looking for resources to use along with your homeschool’s Geography studies this year that these Italy, France, England, Sri Lankia, Jamaica, and Vermont free printable lapbooks will go along with your lessons perfectly. They can be used as a project or study materials. I plan to explore more of Italy this year […]

FREE Printable Elementary France Unit Study


France is a beautiful country, and its culture is interesting. You and your child can take a closer look at the French with this unit study and its free, 18-page printable pack! You’ll study the usuals like the flag and history as well as its customs, food, and religions. Plus, this gives you the perfect excuse […]

FREE Printable French Revolution Minibook


Timelines are helpful for students because they put events in visually-concise, chronological order. This is more helpful for some learning styles than others, because some children just want the bare bones of history. They want to see where events fits into history. This free, printable French Revolution Minibook lays out the events that lead up to the […]

France Unit Study with Free Printables


Pray for France! Maybe you’ve been fortunate enough to shield your children from the tragic news of those slain in France over the weekend. However, chances are good that your family, along with the rest of the world, was shocked to hear of the tragedy. This France Unity Study with free printables will help your children […]

Free Geography Drills for France and Colorado

Free Geography Drills Volume 4 - France and Colorado

What two countries does the French administrative district of Alsace border? What Colorado county borders both Nebraska and Kansas? Find the answers to these and 58 other geography questions in these two fun geography packs. Each pack includes a full-color map, ten map study questions to familiarize students with the country or state being studied, and a […]