Fraction Sense Help with Area Models


Fractions can be really difficult for kids to master without a deep understanding of the concept. Many times that translates to many hours of pencil and paper computations. Using these visual, concrete area models as described in this post can help deepen fraction sense faster than hours of worksheet practice. This powerful visual area models […]

FREE Royalty Themed Fractions Printables


Use these adorable royalty themed fractions printables to teach your preschool and kindergarten homeschoolers. The three page printables include princesses and princes of different skin colors, hair colors, and outfit colors. The color words are color-coded to assist kids in reading the color. They can be used for quiet time or to go along your […]

Making Sense of Fractions with Area Models


Help your kids better understand fractions and fraction operations with area models. Learning about fractions doesn’t have to be scary and it is not all about memorization. Use this help to guide a deep understanding while using concrete, visual models. There is no question that these area models are great ways to fully visualize math […]

FREE Adding Fractions Game to Help Kids Understand


Do you dread teaching addition with fractions? What about fractions with unlike denominators? It doesn’t have to be confusing and hard! This fun, hands on game helps kids to visualize fractions and make sense of adding fractions. All you need are some pattern blocks! Learn more and grab the free game from Bethany at Math […]

Teach Fractions with Number Lines- FREE Activity Sheets


Teach fractions using hands-on activities that incorporate fraction bars and math models with number lines. These activities are great for 3rd and 4th grade students. It is actually really important to use number lines with kids to get them to conceptually understand fractions. Number Lines are useful tools because they provide clear visual images that assist students in […]

FREE Fraction Models Graphic Organizer


This fraction models graphic organizer will be a great tool for your homeschool during their fraction unit. This free set includes a blank fraction models page and four graphic organizers to choose from. Your learners can model fractions using four representations: fraction bars, fraction circles, number lines, and parts of a group. These will look great in your command centers […]