FREE Simple, Low Prep Equivalent Fractions Game


Once children have been directly taught equivalent fractions, it is time to pull out games that give children repeated exposure and practice with them. These fun, free downloadable games include a set of 3 equivalent fractions games that include a game board and printable fraction cards. Some children may struggle to make sense of these […]

FREE Royalty Fractions Pack


Teach fractions to preschool and kindergarten students with this free royalty fractions pack. The pack has 3 pages and is great for introducing fractions in your homeschool.The pack is good forfun solo work, group work, or partner work. teh 3 pages include one of princesses, one of princes, and one for pretty flowers. The color […]

FREE Printable Mega Math Learning Pack


Let me say up front that this freebie has over 60 pages of materials! Ranging from teddy bear counting pages and number lines to fraction circles and algebra tiles, this Mega Math Learning Pack has it all! You’ll find everything you need to support a successful math education!Click here to download your free printables! Need An Affordable […]

FREE Printable Fraction Flipbook


This fraction flipbook looks so interesting that it’s bound to make math fun! Designed for grades 3 through 5, it will be particularly helpful for your visual learner. The author promises that it is very easy to print and assemble! All your student will need to do is color, cut on the dotted line, and learn!Click […]