FREE Flower Identification Flashcards


Prepare for Spring with these free printable flower flashcards. Growing up in the Bronx, New York resulted in me not really getting to appreciate nature unless my class went out to a field trip or we took visiting family members to the Bronx Botanical Gardens (yes, there is one there… in the middle of the […]

40 FREE Printable Spanish-English Jungle Animal Flashcards


Check out this fantastic way to begin teaching your kids the Spanish language! It’s a set of fun Spanish-English Jungle Animal-themed Flashcards! They can be used in the straightforward manner in which flashcards are normally used, but there are also five games that they can be used for as well. Click here to continue reading over […]

FREE Printable Apologia Biology Flashcards and Crossword Puzzles


My kids are doing Apologia’s Biology this year. Imagine how pleased I was to find free, printable vocabulary flashcards! The font is pleasant and easy to read. We printed them up on card stock to make them more durable. We plan on adding some fun into the mix by using the crossword puzzles. There are a […]

FREE Printable Keyring Math Flashcards


Sometimes we’ve just got to buckle down and do the work. That’s how I feel about math facts. So, if your child is struggling with learning her multiplication facts, whip up these free, printable Keyring Math Flashcards! They are portable and don’t need much time to run through. She’ll know her times tables in no […]

Free Character Flash Cards For Sums To 10


Your child will love these super cute flash cards that coordinate with free video math lessons and worksheets from The downloads include 64 flash cards either single sided or doubles sided with answers on the back. Click here to download! Need An Affordable Approach to Learning? Save time, money and stress with our award-winning online […]