FREE Sight Word Activity Guide and 50 Word Flash Cards


Right now you can grab 50 Sight Word Flash Cards and Activity Guide for FREE! Sight Words vs Phonics? The debate over which method to use is an ancient one. Both methods of teaching your children to read, Sight Words and Phonics have their pro’s and cons. Amber from One Hundred and One Pursuits explains […]

50 States and Capitals Flash Cards


If you are on the look out for a fun way for your kids to memorize the states and capitals, then these flash cards are just what you need. They are fun, colorful, and they have the states and capitals all in one card. Use alongside your  lessons or for practice. Your kids will have all 50 states […]

FREE Subtraction Game Using Flash Cards


We can never get enough practice for learning basic math skills. This simple subtraction game is perfect to go alongside your subtraction lessons or to use as practice during quiet time. The free subtraction game includes free subtraction flash cards to help your child subtract the numbers 0-9 automatically. Click here for a free subtraction board game […]

FREE Multiplication Games for Your Kids


Grab these 12+ free multiplication games for your homeschool. These free packs provide multiplication flashcards for 1-12 times tables, you can use several different ways. If you are trying to work through multiplication tables with your kid then these flash cards will work well. You can still use workbooks for practice but games will be […]

FREE Sight Word Flashcards


Sight words are words that students should be able to read by sight. These free sight word flashcards can help you teach them. For kindergarten, pre-primer and primer words from the Dolch 220 word list are really difficult. They are mostly impossible to sound out and need to be memorized. These flashcards print 8 to a […]

Teach Your Child Anything with Just 3 Cups


You can use just 3 cups to teach just about anything to your homeschool. It sounds crazy, I know. You can turn these cups into carnival game for kids just by adding flashcards and a reward system. These games can improve your children’s memory, concentration, and general knowledge. You will be amazed at how eager your […]

FREE Sight Word Cut and Paste Sentences


Help your homeschool with fluency and confidence reading with these free sight word, cut and paste sentences. This freebie is part of a multi-step approach incorporating flash cards, cut/paste worksheets, coloring, writing and fluency practice that will be invaluable to improve reading skills. Your homeschool can master 72 sight words using these this great resource.Click here […]

FREE Printable Sight Words Flash Cards


These sight words flash cards will help your homeschool students to memorize a few of the most often appearing words. These flash cards will help begin the process of putting sentences together. These are some of the most common sight words, and they are perfect to begin at preschool level. However, they are also great for 5 – […]

FREE Scientific Method Task Cards


They say that Science is one of the most ignored subjects in school. Being a Christian shouldn’t deter us from teaching Science in our homechool. In fact, true Science (study that deals with the natural world) points them TO Christ and not away. These FREE downloadable Scientific Method Task Cards for Science Center Activities is a […]