FREE Printable Lacing Cards Activity


Lacing cards are a perfect fine motor activity that is easily taken on the road or used as individual activities for kids. These lacing printable cards are an activity that you can give to your kids when you need a moment, they are great for preschool or kindergarten individual activities and especially great for taking […]

10 Awesome Activities for Preschool Scissor Skills


Teach your toddler or preschooler correct scissor skills with these fun activities that go way beyond worksheets. This resource will help your young learner with cutting lines, play dough, flowers, paper, straws, and much more. Best of all, is that these easy cutting activities don’t require a lot of materials. You will have your learners cutting like […]

Pollen Transfer Fine Motor Activity for Preschoolers


This pollen transfer activity works well with both toddlers and preschoolers and is perfect for giving those fine motor skills a little extra practice. Before you try this activity, find and read a couple of books about bees and how pollination helps plants grow. This simple but useful activity can also be used as another opportunity […]

FREE Alphabet Fine Motor Worksheets


These fine motor writing practice warm-up sheets provide children with pre-writing practice as well as exercise of small motor control to build dexterity. These are great when used as warm-ups to daily work, or just as extra practice or laminate and use with a dry erase marker for repeated use in a classroom setting. Your young […]

Creative Ways to Work on Pencil Grasp


Children do not always have a natural ability to hold their writing instruments properly. It may be because they lack muscle control or fine motor skills, but both of these can be improved upon. Creative writing is difficult enough for some students, but if they also lack hand or finger strength, they will really struggle […]

FREE Number Trace and Draw Pages


These free numbers tracing pages are perfect practice for preschool and kindergarten students learning numbers 0-9. The free pages will help your homschooler practice fine motor skills and number tracing and number writing. Your homeschooler can trace and draw the picture as well! There is one page for each number. Don’t miss out on this adorable […]

Feather Beading Activity for Fine Motor Skills

feather bead fine motor activity for kids2

I love finding activities that my little ones can do to keep them busy, but that also help them with their fine motor skills.This activity from from Sugar Aunts (The OT Toolbox) would be perfect to use this Thanksgiving week or when studying about Indians. These would also make some great decorations! This idea is […]

Christmas Activities & Fine Motor Skills Practice Printable


Kids will really enjoy these awesome Christmas Activities & Fine Motor Skills Practice Printable because not only do they practice cutting, but they can also create fun things out of their cut-outs! This is a great printable for everyone to enjoy. Simply click here to check out this freebie from The Natural Homeschool now! Need […]