8 World War II Historical Fiction Books for Middle School


If you are teaching World History, then take a look at these 8 World War II historical fiction books for middle school. If you’re looking to bring history alive, your homeschooled middle school kids will love these books. Even at middle and high school level, an adolescent has the right to enjoy reading about history […]

FREE Reading Fiction Graphic Organizers


These fiction graphic organizers are great tools for providing your students opportunities to work on fiction reading comprehension. This freebie includes 4 graphic organizers to help with reading fiction. The 4 Fiction Graphic Organizers includes character topics of Setting: Visualize It!, Character Mind Takeover: “In_________’s Shoes”, Analyze Character: Traits, Actions, Motivations & Feelings, and Dialogue: Making Character Inferences. […]

FREE Respond to Text Printables (Reading Comprehension & Book Report)


Here are some terrific Respond to Text printables for elementary students! What is a Respond to Text Printable, you say? Glad you asked! It’s a printable sheet that your child has on hand while they read their literature books so that they may keep track of the information they are reading. There are three different printables […]

Free Printable Discussion Questions for Fiction and Non-Fiction


Your child finishes their book. Where do you go from there? These free, printable “Discussion Questions for Fiction and Non-Fiction” will help them to think deeply and get their imaginations going! You’ll get 16 cards to download that have open-ended questions appropriate for fiction and non-fiction books.Click here to download your free printables! Need An Affordable Approach […]

FREE Fiction Text Structure Resources Printable Pack

Beautiful asian female student portrait and books in library with bookshelf as background.

Help your children learn the structure of fiction books with this free printable pack! Children understand fiction stories the best, but some readers still struggle with being able to retell a story. This FREE printable pack will help your students to understand the beginning, middle and end of the story without having to retell every.single.detail. […]