Gardening Ideas for Kids – Printable 3-Part Cards


In this post, there will be an awesome set of Gardening Ideas for Kids using Printable 3-Part Cards! Kids will learn the names of gardening tools and have fun while they’re at it.  This is a great printable for everyone to enjoy. Simply click here to check out this freebie! Need An Affordable Approach to […]

FREE Printable Fall Word Search


Word searches are terrific for children. There are times in typical school work, where the student must find the answer amidst a page of text. My own children have a tendency to pass right over an answer they need for a study guide even though it’s in the paragraph they’re staring at! Word searches help […]

FREE Printable Fall Addition Worksheets


Let your child practice math fact families with these Fall Addition Worksheets. Number bonds are all the possible addition facts for a given number and are another name for “fact families.” The worksheets are so festively dressed up in pumpkins, candy corn, and leaves that your student may not even realize that it’s a math worksheet!Click here to […]

10 Acorn Crafts for Fall


Call me crazy, but I think acorns are so adorable! We have oak trees in our neighborhood, and my daughter and I gathered up a handful of little, empty acorn caps thinking that we could use them in a craft. Sure enough, there’s a way to use them to make floating candles! You’ve got to check these […]

FREE Pine Cone Printables


The pine cones is a woody cone that falls from pine trees. You may recognize it as something that appears in lots of fall and winter crafts and decorations. Study the pine cone with these worksheets!Click here to download your free printables! Need An Affordable Approach to Learning? Save time, money and stress with our award-winning […]