Making a Viking Ship with STEM and Geography


Creating an ancient Viking Ship is a fun STEM and geography project to go alongside a Viking Unit Study. Doesn’t it just sound fun? History truly doesn’t have to be dry in your homeschool. You have the freedom to experiment with fun projects to help your children memorize and internalize what they have learned. This project […]

FREE Famous People Mini Quiz Pack Volume 1 – Explorers


Dive into the lives of James Cook, Matthew Flinders, James Bruce, and Mungo Park in this Famous People Mini Quiz Pack! These three fun quizzes are great for review, for independent research, or for a springboard for further study. Learn about their journeys, discoveries, obstacles, and more along with what the world was like in their […]

FREE Explorers Game for Middle and High Schoolers

World Explorers and Travelers Game

Over 200 questions quiz your middle and high schooler’s knowledge of world explorers and travelers! The World Explorers and Travelers Game covers men and women from Pytheas to Neil Armstrong and beyond. There are lots of lesser-known explorers included, along with some who are very familiar. Engage students with hours and spark some fascinating investigations […]

History of Explorers: Explorers A to Z Volume 4

Explorers A to Z Volume 4

We’ve come to the last leg of our expedition. For several weeks, we’ve been meeting little-known explorers and traveling with them over mountains of ice and through valleys of sand. This week we conclude our journey with Abel Tasman, Francisco de Ulloa, George Vancouver, Samuel Wallis, Francisco Xeres, Yermack Timofeyevich, and an explorer who traveled […]

History of Explorers: Explorers A to Z Volume 3

Explorers A to Z Volume 3 McClure to Schweinfurth

Which explorer’s love of plants led him to explore the Upper Nile region of Africa? Which explorer went looking for Australia but instead found Vanuatu and several other islands? Which explorer is credited with discovering the Northwest Passage, even though he didn’t actually travel the entire passage by water? Explorers A to Z is a free […]

History Bingo Bundle on Sale!

History Bingo Bundle on Sale

SAVE over 50% and have fun with history this summer with these printable bingo games! Each one includes thirty-six trivia questions, fifteen bingo cards, and one-hundred twenty-six marker tokens. Several variations are provided so the game can easily be adapted for children from preschool through age ten. Just print, prep, and play!From exploration to the […]

Explorers Resources: {free} printables, activities & MORE!!

Winter is great time for kids to learn about different explorers. Use these {free} printables, books and activities to create a fun-filled Explorers unit and head off on your own explorations around the house! ::

My kids are always going on “explorations” around the house. And during the winter, is the perfect time to channel that built-up energy into some fun learning activities. So I have gathered some fun Explorer related printables, books and activities. Use these as part of a larger Explorer unit or study the Explorers individually. Either […]