Experiment for Finding Volume- FREE Story and Worksheet


Check out these simple science experiments about finding and comparing volumes of objects. This is Part 2 of the project, and you can find Part 1 by clicking here. This awesome resource shows measuring volume and comparing sizes of unusual shapes through water displacement¬†with a story of Archimedes and the mystery of the golden crown. […]

FREE 3-Page Story and Experiment for Finding Volume


Help your homeschool find volume with this story and science experiment.This simple science experiment for kids is about Archimedes and the golden crown. It has follow-up questions and a science experiment about comparing volumes of oddly-shaped objects through water displacement. This resource can be used with students from preschool through high school. Older kids will […]

FREE Water Cycle Hands-On Lesson


This free hands-on Science lesson and experiment investigating condensation and the water cycle will be a great addition to your science labs this year. Your child will answer questions like “What is condensation?” and “Where does it come from?”. This free Condensation Investigation is a great way for kids to answer those questions and learn […]

Creative Christmas Science Experiment with FREE Printable Worksheet


Inspire seasonal STEM learning! Explore some holiday science with this fun Christmas experiment and free printable worksheet from Edventures with Kids. The goal of today’s science experiment is to discuss the ideas of density & buoyancy (physics concepts). This classic science activity is always a BIG hit with kids — adding holiday-themed items makes it […]

15+ Science and Engineering Projects for Creative Kids


Some children are natural-born tinkerers. One of the joys of homeschooling is getting to incorporate as many projects and experiments as a family wants into their school schedule. This makes tinkerers and creative kids happy! 15+ Science and Engineering Projects will keep kids busy and productive as they have fun building a paper speaker or […]

Awesome Electricity Projects for Kids


Experiments are¬†a fun way to learn about electricity. Check out these Awesome Electricity Projects to explore circuits, magnetism, and static electricity. Many of the ingredients or supplies can already be found around your home!Click here to find fun science projects! Need An Affordable Approach to Learning? Save time, money and stress with our award-winning online […]

Chemistry Experiment For Kids with FREE Printable Lab Notebook


Kids of every age love experiments, and yours will especially love this one! I have never seen one quite like this – it’s sure to wow your student. My favorite part is that it doesn’t require 500 ingredients and supplies, so assembly and clean-up is a snap. The free, printable Lab Notebook is so nicely […]