Bible Verses for the New Year (4 FREE Printable Cards)


It may be the beginning of the year still, but that won’t stop us from feeling discouraged, overwhelmed or even lonely at times. Print these four beautiful Bible verse cards to place around your home for such times as these. These gorgeous free Bible verse printable cards will inspire you and discover renewed joy in […]

FREE 101 Words of Affirmation Every Child Wants to Hear Printable


Because we fill the roles of parent and teacher, sometimes it’s easy to forget the importance of encouragement as well as correction. Let this free printable help you find the words to say to encourage your child in the midst of the day-to-day. Sometimes we need help finding the words to tell our children how much we […]

FREE Encouragement and Rewards Packet


Incorporate positive reinforcement into your homeschooling with this free packet! Positive reinforcement is a tried-and-true method for encouraging wanted behavior, and this packet is a fun way to incorporate that method into your homeschooling! This free download includes several Punch Cards and Rewards Cards with fun designs, plus ideas on how to use them to […]

FREE Printable Prayer Postcards


Prayer and encouragement is one of the greatest gifts we can give others, and it’s important we teach our children to give in these ways. The free, printable Prayer Postcards are perfect for helping our children to reach out to others. This would also double as a quick creative writing project. As we lift up friends […]