How to Use the Socratic Method with Elementary Students


Teaching elementary-aged homeschoolers with the Socratic method is the ideal way for them to be practiced in logical, reasonable thinking. Great thinkers of the world have used the Socratic method for centuries as a way to think about great things. Elementary-aged students need to learn to think Socratically now more than ever. In public school, over 95% of the […]

Free Summer Nature Study Makes Learning Science Easy and Fun!


Looking for some educational summer fun? A summer nature study for elementary and middle school ages that includes the study of biology, physical science, and chemistry keeps learning science a “real life” adventure all summer long! Over my family’s years of homeschooling, nature study was one of our favorite activities and it didn’t stop just […]

$35 April Giveaway


$35 Gift Certificate Giveaway! Enter My Koala Pouch’s April Giveaway to win a $35 gift certificate from the My Koala Pouch Store.  You can view My Koala Pouch products at  The My Koala Pouch store sells educational instant downloads for kids. In the shop you will find a multitude of games, activity packets, gifts, and journals […]