Master World Geography in 7 Months or Less


Check out this easy and effective way for your homeschool to learn world geography in 7 months or less with the free ebook Globalmania. This homeschool geography book is recommended for grade levels 3-12. My daughter loves geography, but that’s not the case for most kids. The content can get really dry sometimes. Use this free ebook to […]

Create Easy Paper Butterflies


Help your children create this easy butterfly craft this summer. It will be a hit. Once the kids get started you will see that in no time, you will have a swarm of beautiful and unique butterflies for keepsakes. My daughter is like me and loves butterflies. She is going to love putting these together […]

Writing: She Won’t or She Can’t?

by Cathy Canen-2

Home school teachers are uniquely qualified to teach their kids because they know their kids so well, but sometimes we miss the obvious. Sometimes we think our kids won’t do something, like writing, when actually they just can’t. I did that. What Happened at Our HouseAnna, my little curly blond first-born, was all eagerness with her schoolwork […]

13 Quick and Easy Sensory Play Ideas for Preschoolers


Make these cute play and sensory craft ideas for toddlers and children. They are mess free sensory play ideas to keep your little one engaged and exploring. The ideas use super colorful items that will also be fun to put together.Make these quick and easy sensory play activities for your preschooler from Thimble and Twig. […]

11 Easy Ways to Get Rid of Bathroom Smells


You can clean and sanitize your bathroom using natural homemade products with ingredients you already have inside your home. Your bathroom is one of the hardest rooms in the home to clean. Honestly, sometimes I just can’t understand why no matter how many times I clean my bathroom, sometimes there is a stink that just pops […]