Apologia’s The Science of Autumn FREE Activity E-book


Autumn in all of its glory is finally upon us. You can enjoy this richly-toned season more than ever before when you learn the whys of what powers fall. Apologia’s The Science of Autumn is offering a downloadable, free autumn activity e-book! All ages will enjoy this e-book and can appreciate the activities such as […]

FREE Printable Charlotte Mason-style E-Book: Masterly Inactivity


Exploring the freedom that’s found when children learn within the boundaries their parents set, Masterly Inactivity is a book that will help to bring balance to parenting styles. Do you feel too lenient some times and too strict at other times? This book discusses the idea of “wise and purposeful letting alone” as presented by […]

Free Summer Nature Study E-Book


Do you love summer? Are you bewailing its exit and already looking forward to its return next year? Or maybe you will use this resource to make this year’s summer last as long as possible. The Free Nature Study and More e-book is just what you need to assuage your the-days-are-getting-shorter blues. This e-book is grounded […]

FREE e-book 8/3 – 8/7 Finding A College by Lee Binz


FREE kindle book 8/3 – 8/7/2015 Finding a College by Lee Binz.Parents homeschooling high school sometimes get the feeling that the light at the end of the tunnel might just be a train heading straight at them! That train is called “college,” and one of the most angst-ridden tasks facing homeschooling families is choosing a college […]