Understanding Dyscalculia- Making Sense of Numbers and Math Concepts


Understand dyscalculia with this post full of useful information. Dyscalculia is when kids have trouble making sense of numbers and math concepts. Other kids with dyscalculia can’t grasp basic number concepts. It’s so hard, because in a subject where memorization can be such a huge part of the learning process, with dyscalculia learning and memorizing […]

FREE Daily Review Sheet + Fry Sight Word Lists (Dyslexia + Dyscalculia)

free spiral and fry sight wordsHSG

Do you have a learner at home with dyslexia, dyscalculia, or one who just needs consistent review of the same skills in order to truly master them? How about a student who is just learning to read, and you need a good source of sight words to pull from for instruction and game play? This current […]