FREE Printable Let’s Draw Flowers Pages


Most children love to draw, and they especially love to draw flowers because they’re easy! You can help them develop more detail with these free, printable Let’s Draw Flowers pages. There’s a page for a rose, daffodil, campanula, violet, cornflower, and a poppy. There’s also a set of cards that are perfect for printing and […]

FREE How to Draw a Bicycle Printable


Many children absolutely love riding their bike! Turn that natural interest into a subject to be drawn with this free How to Draw a Bicycle printable! It will help your student step-by-step to draw and personalize his own bike!Click here to download your free printable! Need An Affordable Approach to Learning? Save time, money and stress […]

FREE Printable Drawing Guide


Finding time to create art in your homeschool can prove to be difficult. It’s even more difficult if you don’t have a plan. Use this free, printable 33-page Drawing Guide to help your child turn doodles into drawings. Topics include: Improve your illustrations with this one easy trick, 6 tips for creating emotive characters, and […]

Free Printable Sea Drawing Prompts


Have you been to the beach or lake this summer? Your kids will enjoy recreating their experience through drawing with this free, printable Sea Drawing Prompt. The creative juices will flow two-fold as there is a page for things happening above the water and another for what’s happening below.Click here to download your free printables! Need An […]

FREE Printable Drawing Challenge Cards


How many times can a child ask her parent, “What should I draw?” (If I remember correctly, it’s some number times infinity.) These free, printable Drawing Challenge Cards are an easy, enjoyable activity for kids! They’ll love having ideas for what to draw, and as long as they can read, they can draw independently! Click here […]

How to Draw a Still Life with FREE Printable Worksheet


Drawing is something that most children would love to do reasonably well, yet some have a natural ability and others do not. “How to Draw a Still Life” with a free, printable worksheet will enable your child to skillfully develop drawing skills. It includes encouraging instructions.Click here to download your free printable! Need An Affordable […]

How to Draw Perspective Freebie for Middle School


Are your teens interested in learning more about drawing? Get some perspective! Learn all about how to add perspective to your 3D drawings in this handy how-to worksheet. Great for art students, and even for math students studying geometry.Download this How to Draw Perspective Middle School Worksheet HERE! Need An Affordable Approach to Learning? Save […]

Free Drawing Lessons Workbook


This book will teach your child how to draw, step by step, with the easiest approach possible…by using alphabet letters, numbers, words, and other simple shapes. In this book, Rachel will show kids how to turn numbers, alphabet letters, and words into cute cartoon characters. This is number, letter, and word fun at its best! […]

Free and Cheap ‘Learn to Draw’ Books for Kindle

Drawing Books

  Free and Cheap Kindle Books Please remember, Amazon prices can change quickly. The books below were free at the time this post went live, but may only be so for a limited time. Please double check the price before purchasing any of the books below.      Drawing and Sketching Nature {.99}   Drawing Lessons for Beginner Artists {.99}   Pencil […]