Build a Bench for Less Than $20

How-to-Build-a-Bench (1)

If you enjoy being thrifty, making things and decorating your home then this do-it-yourself bench will be a perfect project for you. I literally just printed the instructions out. It just makes a room or hallway look great. This DIY bench for under $20 is a great addition to your home or outside area. Men […]

20 Fun Math Activities Using Craft Sticks


If you’re looking for fun math activities that use simple math manipulatives, then this list of 20 math activities is for you. These craft stick math activities are simple and fun. The kids can help you make the activities and they are great for a thrifty family. Click here for a collection of 20 fun math activities […]

29 Amazing Farmhouse IKEA Rast Makeovers


You will love these 29 Amazing Farmhouse IKEA Hack Rast Makeovers that you can make easily in a short period of time and on a budget. All of these awesome DIY ideas are all budget friendly which I think we can all find useful. Each DIY project captures the Farmhouse Style from Traditional to Contemporary and […]

Easy Budget Friendly Ways to Organize your Kitchen


So, if you are like me and find it hard to think outside of the box sometimes, you really might find these useful and doable to organize your kitchen. These creative ideas and tips are inexpensive and CLEVER. Its always good to save some space, declutter, organize and make things yourself that are super useful. DIYs just bring […]