10 Creative DIY Sprinklers for Kids


Playing outdoors in the sprinklers is a “must do” in my home for the summer. Check out these ten super creative ways to make your own sprinklers at home for summertime fun. These DIY ideas range from super easy versions to more elaborate sprinklers. Each idea is creative inspiration for outdoor water play your kids […]

DIY Decorative Notebooks


Take a sip of your coffee or tea in the morning and watch this quick easy craft tutorial to create embellished notebooks. All you need is scrapbook paper or washi tape to make a simple design. You can use these for personal journals; pick up an inexpensive notebook at the store and use some washi tape or craft paper […]

DIY Clothespin Picture Frames


Enjoy this simple crafty process to put these DIY clothespin picture frames together in your home. The clothespin frame craft caught my attention because I don’t like to commit too heavily to décor in my home. I like to be able to change and make things new. This clip allows you to do just this. […]

DIY Abacus (Counting Practice)


You and your homeschool will love to make this do-it-yourself abacus for counting help. An abacus is a fun and concrete counting activity for your homeschool. On of the best parts of making this is that your child can help you. They will enjoy learning with something they have made on their own, well… with some help […]

How to Make Dollar Tree Storage Bins Look Like Pier 1


Learn how to turn cheap Dollar Tree storage bins into lined woven baskets that look like they came from Pier 1. Where I live there are cheap store everywhere. You can’t find anything of really good quality for home decor without spending your life savings. I am being honest, just over exaggerating a smidge. However, these […]

Build a Bench for Less Than $20

How-to-Build-a-Bench (1)

If you enjoy being thrifty, making things and decorating your home then this do-it-yourself bench will be a perfect project for you. I literally just printed the instructions out. It just makes a room or hallway look great. This DIY bench for under $20 is a great addition to your home or outside area. Men […]

20 Fun Math Activities Using Craft Sticks


If you’re looking for fun math activities that use simple math manipulatives, then this list of 20 math activities is for you. These craft stick math activities are simple and fun. The kids can help you make the activities and they are great for a thrifty family. Click here for a collection of 20 fun math activities […]