FREE Low-Prep Multiplication Cut and Paste Practice


Are you are looking for some hands-on, low-prep multiplication practice for your homeschool? This properties of multiplication cut & paste activity will provide good skills practice for properties of multiplication. This simple resource will make commutative property, associate property, and distributive property less threatening for your learner.Click here for free properties of multiplication cut & […]

Understanding the Distributive Property FREE Lesson


Is your middle schooler learning Pre-Algebra this year?If your middle schooler is doing Pre-Algebra they will most definitely come across the Distributive Property at some point in their math studies. This can be tricky to master, but thankfully there is a FREE Printable Lesson Packet to help you understand it and teach it to your […]

Free Lesson for Introducing the Distributive Property


If your child is starting pre-algebra this year, be sure to grab this free lesson on the Distributive Property from Bethany at Math Geek Mama! This lesson will help students make sense of the property through problem solving, in a┬áreal life context, allowing them to then use it correctly when dealing with more challenging algebra […]