Teaching Dictation with a Hands-on Approach


This exercise will help you use dictation in your homeschool with sensory and visual approach to grammar. This approach is a way to educate grammar with the Charlotte Mason method for great results. You can be creative with this hands-on approach to dictation and learn alternative ways to things like capitalizing letters, and even how […]

FREE Homeschool Harbour Copywork/Dictation Newsletter


Homeschool Harbour November Newsletter is a monthly company newsletter for homeschool parents and teachers.In this issue… – Greetings from the Editor – What We offer (more about our products) – Copywork Corner – Let’s Do Dictation – Words for Dictation (The First Thanksgiving) – Where to Shop Click here to checkout┬áthis FREE newsletter! Need An […]

FREE Printable Charlotte Mason Style Lesson Sheets for the McGuffey and Other Readers


Lovers of the McGuffey Readers are going to love these Charlotte Mason-style Lesson Sheets! Each page has an area dedicated to copywork, narration, or dictation. If you’re not familiar with the McGuffey Reader, they’re worth your time to become better acquainted with; however, these pages would also work with any reader, short story, poem, or […]

Abraham Lincoln Handwriting Practice

Abraham Lincoln Handwriting Practice A House Divided Speech Excerpt

How did Abraham Lincoln apply the principle of Jesus’ words in Mark 3:25 to the nation? What issue was it that threatened to bring the nation to ruin? And what was the ultimate end result to the conflict that Lincoln anticipated? Read these words of Lincoln and use them as copywork or dictation as needed. […]

Write From History Review


If you have been looking for a writing curriculum that uses Charlotte Mason’s teaching methods then this review is for you!!! Write From History is a history based classical writing program that teaches writing the Charlotte Mason way! This unique writing program teaches grammar, spelling, penmanship and history all at one time! This program uses […]