FREE Book That Helps Learners Memorize The Signers Of The Declaration Of Independence

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The Fourth of July is full of fun. But it’s full of history too. So is there a neat way to combine the two sides of the holiday? There is. In this ebook, there’s a fun and memorizable poem with all the signers of the Declaration of Independence. But that isn’t all. There are practice […]

The Declaration of Independence Vocabulary Lessons


Are your children learning about the Declaration of Independence this year? What do the vocabulary words endowed, abolish, and consent have in common? They’re all in the Declaration of Independence. This worksheet will give your child’s vocabulary a boost while deepening his U.S. history knowledge with a look back in history at the Declaration of […]

FREE Declaration of Independence Mini Unit Study!


Celebrate the official launch of WDW Education  and download a FREE mini unit study on the history of the Declaration of Independence! This freebie is available two ways – Either:  Subscribe to the WDW Education email newsletter (you will need to verify your email address in order to access the free download)  or   “Like” the WDW Education Facebook […]