Create Easy Paper Butterflies


Help your children create this easy butterfly craft this summer. It will be a hit. Once the kids get started you will see that in no time, you will have a swarm of beautiful and unique butterflies for keepsakes. My daughter is like me and loves butterflies. She is going to love putting these together […]

FREE Sight Word Practice Worksheets


Don’t miss out on these free sight word practice worksheets for pre-K to kindergarten homeschoolers. The worksheets will help your kids with sight words as they read, trace, write, cut, spell, and paste them in a notebook. This freebie includes 25 common sight words (the, and, put, are, ate, eat, has, she, her, to, he, […]

FREE Cut and Paste Worksheet Sample Set


Children love activities using scissors and glue sticks. Cut and paste worksheets help kindergarten and preschoolers develop their fine motor skills. They learn to match themes together or match words that are related in context. These sample worksheet sets are full of color and are great for your young children.Click HERE for your free sample […]