Teaching Geography and Cultures with Living Books


Using engaging stories and living books for history and geography can make a world of a difference in your homeschool. Living books make learning fun and memorable as our kids learn about cultures and journeys in the context of history. Learning about the world and its cultures is something that instantly intrigues children, especially when […]

Simple Ways to Teach Map Skills in your Homeschool


Check out these super simple ways to teach map skills in your homeschool. If you are teaching your kids map skills then know that reading a map is a life skill that will serve them well in many areas of life. These simple ideas help teach map skills by interweaving them into your everyday  life. With […]

Study Guide on Native American History ~ {FREE Lapbook }


So many public schools have taken, and are continuing to take, Native American history out of their curriculum. However, we don’t have to and shouldn’t. This ‘How To’ guide on studying Native Americans is help for a fun history unit study in your homeschool. The free lapbook is full of information needed to help your […]

FREE Printable India Learning Packet


Looking to travel a little? Explore the world culture of South Asia with this free, printable India Learning Packet! You’ll get 20 pages of exciting history, geography, and culture worksheets. It’s hard to separate India from its religion, Hinduism, and this is a great teaching opportunity to compare it to Christianity and the Bible.Click here […]

Cool Country Report from Scholastic: FREE Printable Fill-in Poster!


Introduce a new culture and help strengthen your child’s writing skills all at the same time! Download this free and fun fill-in poster from scholastic below!DOWNLOAD IT HERE Need An Affordable Approach to Learning? Save time, money and stress with our award-winning online homeschool curriculum!

FREE 100-Page Great Britain Study by WinterPromise!


Want to Get to Know WinterPromise?  Try This 100-Page Free Study! Have you been introduced to WinterPromise? WinterPromise is a Charlotte-Mason inspired curriculum that brings together the best of ALL your favorite homeschooling approaches! WP’s “Experience Approach” with and rich learning fulfills Charlotte’s vision! Here’s How: The Learning Methodology, Nature Journaling, & Joy of Learning […]