FREE Printable Puppy Creative Writing Activity


They don’t come any cuter than this! (Creative Writing assignments, that is.) This free, printable Puppy Creative Writing Activity is perfect for the younger student who might struggle with getting her creative juices flowing or have trouble recognizing what a creative writing assignment even is! There are 10 pictures and 25 stories that are cut out […]

FREE Printable C.S. Lewis Creative Writing Prompts and Notebooking Pages


Creative writing can seem like a burden to middle schoolers and high schoolers. The key is to give them a topic that they can really be interested in developing. C.S. Lewis hits the bill as so many students fall in love with his Narnia series and continue on to Mere Christianity and beyond. Enjoy these free, […]

Story Writing Ideas for Kids with FREE Printables


My kids have made a lot of sour faces through the years, but none more often than when I said the words, “Write a paper about it.” It could be mental laziness, but usually a child resists creative writing because he doesn’t know where to start. These free printables are going to help your student organize […]

FREE Printable Fall Creative Writing Prompts


I love giving my kids worksheets that are interesting and relates to what’s going on their lives right now. We are still in the thick of hot weather here in Florida, but my kids are already pestering me about putting up the fall decorations. We can notice in the direction and angle from which the sunlight […]

Writing Tools with FREE Printables


Wouldn’t it be nice if your child would pour himself into writing? You can encourage that to happen with these writing tools and free printables. They will help your child to take initiative when it comes to editing and revising, paying special attention to capitalization, punctuation, and grammar rules.Click here to download your free printables! Need […]

FREE Printable Spin-A-Story Creative Writing Tool


When it’s time to tackle creative writing, you can help your child get started with these Spin-A-Story Story Builders! For instance, if your child is using the Animal Adventures Spinner, he will spin the spinner to decide the character, the setting, and the plot. A great amount of angst related to creative writing is narrowing all […]

How to Teach Your Homeschooled Child to Write a Paragraph with FREE Printable


How is your child’s ability to write a proper paragraph? No matter how well he composes one, there’s always room for improvement and fine tuning. This free, printable Graphic Organizer will give your child a visual help to building a correctly formed, cohesive paragraph!Click here to download your free printable! Need An Affordable Approach to […]

FREE Printable Peer Editing Sheet


Sometimes it’s difficult to evaluate one’s own writing. An error that would ordinarily pop out on someone else’s paper tends to blend in when we examine something we’ve created. This free, printable Peer Editing Sheet gives students a structured and organized way to analyze a peer’s writing project. This would be great for use among siblings if […]

FREE Printable April Writing Prompt Calendar


For kids to succeed at creative writing, it’s important to have fresh prompts and to have a daily habit of writing. This free, printable April Writing Prompt Calendar accomplishes both tasks! It’s easy to understand and the calendar is decorated nicely, so it will look nice hanging on a bulletin board or refrigerator.Click here to […]

FREE Printable April Elementary Writing Prompts


My word! The days are flying by faster than ever before, and I am having a hard time believing that April is just a few days away! But, it is, so we can maximize on it by enjoying these free, printable April Elementary Writing Prompts. Your kids will enjoy writing about Easter, spring, rainy days, […]