Printable Hungry Caterpillar Fruit ~ Sun Catcher Craft


If you are planning on reading The Hungry Caterpillar then you are going to want this craft! Children will love making these sun catchers with the provided printable fruit.    Simply click here to check out this freebie from The Natural Homeschool now! Looking for more FREE Eric Carle Resources? Check out this series: Need […]

Yarn Bowl Craft for Kids


Check out this simple tutorial for making a yarn bowl craft with your kids. This will make a great craft for kids, summer camp, or when practicing the letter Y theme in your homeschool. I have never heard of this one, but it looks like so much fun… and messy. I like the fun part, […]

Create Easy Paper Butterflies


Help your children create this easy butterfly craft this summer. It will be a hit. Once the kids get started you will see that in no time, you will have a swarm of beautiful and unique butterflies for keepsakes. My daughter is like me and loves butterflies. She is going to love putting these together […]

DIY Clothespin Picture Frames


Enjoy this simple crafty process to put these DIY clothespin picture frames together in your home. The clothespin frame craft caught my attention because I don’t like to commit too heavily to décor in my home. I like to be able to change and make things new. This clip allows you to do just this. […]

FREE Brain Crafts and Activities


Check out these crafts, activities, and printables you can use during your brain or nervous system unit study. The way our brain works is absolutely amazing. These tools to help you in your brain or nervous system unity study includes fantastic crafts, activities and printables. The resources will keep your child intrigued and wondering how […]

Art Experiences Outdoors


These simple ideas will inspire your kids to create with experiences and items from outdoors. There are inspirations for incorporating their own ideas with hours of engagement beyond the initial lesson provided. You can use what’s outside your door to create art with these hands on art lessons. The activities and ideas are perfect for working […]

20 Fun Math Activities Using Craft Sticks


If you’re looking for fun math activities that use simple math manipulatives, then this list of 20 math activities is for you. These craft stick math activities are simple and fun. The kids can help you make the activities and they are great for a thrifty family. Click here for a collection of 20 fun math activities […]

The Ultimate List of Newspaper Crafts


Whether you have already discovered how much you love crafting with newspaper or it’s something you would love to try for the first time, you are going to adore this ultimate list of newspaper craft ideas. This amazing list will give you a variety of wonderful newspaper crafts ideas. There are literally newspapers laying in piles in a […]