FREE Pilgrims Poetry & Art Study


Are you searching for a seamless method of integrating poetry and art study into your homeschool? Check out this complete copywork, poetry, and art study from Half-a-Hundred Acre Wood! This study includes… A poem that reinforces U.S. history and the founding principles of America. A simple introduction to the English grammar concept of prepositions A […]

Explore a Charlotte Mason Education


Whether you have been in the homeschool community for a while or you are just getting started, this homeschooling 101 on Charlotte Mason Home Education is a good method to explore. You may have heard the Charlotte Mason buzz words going around like living books, narration, copywork, nature study, and habit training. These are not […]

FREE World War II Copywork-President Roosevelt’s Speech to Congress, December 8, 1941

FREE World War II Copywork-President Roosevelt’s Speech to Congress

Help your children reflect on the attack on Pearl Harbor and the impact it had on the nation and the world with this copywork pack that contains the speech President Franklin D. Roosevelt gave to Congress on December 8, 1941. Traceable text, text to copy, and blank lines are all included.Grab the print version (24 pages), the […]

How Doth The Little Crocodile- FREE 7 Page Printable


Your kids will enjoy this free 7 page mini-study on The Crocodile by Lewis Caroll. This absolutely precious mini-study includes a brief summary, words to know, grammar, critical thinking, copywork and an adorable poster. The reading mini-study will be a break from regular school and introduce some crocodile fun. I love the sweet images on […]

Teaching Spelling by using Copywork


Spelling You See is a spelling program that uses copywork to teach spelling. They  incorporate visual aids by using highlighting of certain letter chunks for better retention. This program does not go by grade levels which is really nice for homeschooling families. This post includes some insight, pros/cons and video curriculum review.Click here for a Spelling You See […]

Save 30% on Character Copywork

Drawing a line with a pencil

From now through Jan. 10th, you can save 30% on the brand new Character Copywork. This new resource is 83 pages from start to finish; it includes a brief intro about the benefits of copywork and suggestions for using this resource; one page for each character quality that contains 31 scriptures (one in full and […]