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FREE Kids in the Kitchen Printable Pack


Children love to help in the kitchen, but it’s important for them to know how to safely handle themselves there. They will learn basic skills as they go along and the longer they spend time cooking and preparing food. But if you’d like to give your children structure in their culinary endeavors, check out this free, […]

10 Cheap Chicken Dinners That Taste Like a Million Bucks


I can get reallllyy tired of eating chicken, but sometimes it’s all I’ve got on hand to make dinner with. When my local grocery store has buy one, get one free boneless, skinless chicken breasts I stock up because it’s such an affordable source of protein. And then I think to myself, “Now what on earth […]

Cooking Basics for Teens


Every teen should know how to do basic cooking. Since most of them like to eat, this is a skill that can easily be learned if someone is willing to show them! Check out this basic cooking course for teens. It has 10 topics from boiling water to making mashed potatoes.Click here to teach your […]

Holiday Baking as Homeschool Curriculum – Over 100 Recipes!


The holidays have officially started, and I’m wondering who really feels like doing anymore schoolwork this year? If I had my druthers, at our house we wouldn’t touch it until January. Maybe you’re like me and either won’t let yourself and your kids off so easy or you didn’t start early enough in August to […]

FREE Online Knife Skills for Kids Video Lessons with FREE Printable {Available free through November 2nd!}


This is so exciting! An online Knife Skills for Kids video lessons are available free for a limited time! Your child will learn three safe ways to hold food, four safe ways to cut with knives, and knife safety vocabulary.Printable pdf files are also available for free. They help with goal setting, worksheets, and memory tools. It’s recommended […]

My First Recipe Book with FREE Printables


I got my first cookbook when I was a kid and it inspired a lifetime love of cooking. The My First Recipe Book will encourage your student to take an interest in cooking, and they can save their favorite recipes safely on its pages. What a precious memory-maker it would be!Click here to download your free printables! […]