FREE and Easy Metric Conversions Card Game


Although we don’t use the metric system in the U.S. much anymore, the system is still an important skill. Learning the metric system can also to reinforce understanding of place value, multiplication, and dividing powers of ten. This quick and easy metric conversions game is low-prep; all you will need is a deck of cards. It […]

FREE Kitchen Conversions Cheat Sheet


Wouldn’t it be nice to put a stop to that constant interruption googling conversions while you are cooking or baking? I know I would. If you have had enough of the interruptions, then this kitchen conversions cheat sheet is just what you need. Grab this cheat sheet to save time and to minimize your google searches. I […]

FREE Printable Measurement Conversions Activity


Sometimes my children get so bogged down with the idea that their math work doesn’t apply to real life. I get tired of answering that thought with an intelligent argument because, clearly, they aren’t listening. This free, printable Measurement Conversions Activity will help your children apply their math skills to the real world by having […]