Weight Conversion Guide for Baking- FREE Printable Chart and Videos


Learn why baking by weight may be a good choice for you with this free printable chart, guide and videos. This post comes with amazing tips for converting your favorite recipes from cups to grams for different types of flour. Explore 3 specific reasons you might want to start baking by weight vs. measurements. Measuring […]

FREE Printable Celsius & Fahrenheit Conversion Chart


Basic math calculations are important, but sometimes it’s easy to get bogged down during some of the procedures. For instance, converting Celsius to Fahrenheit and vice versa – I remember my children losing their way as they worked these problems on their worksheets.This free, printable Conversion Chart will make it easier for your child (and you) […]

FREE Printable Liquid Measurement Conversion Worksheet


Liquid measurement conversions are important to know, and yet they can be tricky! This free, printable Liquid Measurement Conversion Worksheet will help to strengthen your child’s conversion skills.Click here to download your free printable! Need An Affordable Approach to Learning? Save time, money and stress with our award-winning online homeschool curriculum!

FREE Temperature and Speed Conversion Table and Practice

Conversions in Math Temperature and Speed

The signpost up ahead says the speed limit is 50 kph. You are doing 40 mph. Do you speed up or slow down? Have fun learning how to convert within the English and metric systems with this printable all about temperature and speed. There are dozens of problems plus an answer key. Download this free […]

FREE Units of Volume (Liquid Measure) Conversion Table and Practice

Conversions in Math-Measuring Volume Liquid Measure

Which is greater – 1 fluid ounce or 1 centiliter? Practice converting between English and metric units of measure with this handy free printable. It contains conversion tables for calculating volume with units of liquid measure plus seven activities with dozens of problems and an answer key. Download this free math printable today!Instant Download: Measuring Volume (Liquid Measure) Fact […]