FREE Printable Preamble Scramble


If your children are studying American history or the Constitution, you’re going to want this fun puzzle. It will help them memorize the Preamble to the United States Constitution! Simply print up the free printable, have your children color it, and then cut it out. You’re ready to go! This activity is perfect for any age.Click […]

FREE Printable History Copywork


I love copywork for its duality. It serves as both penmanship practice as well as a method of learning. It is particularly helpful to the student who is a visual learner. This free, printable History Copywork has lots of beautiful options – Presidential quotes, Preamble to the Constitution quotes, and Shakespeare quotes, just to name […]

U.S. Constitution Unit Study with FREE Printable Lapbook


Wow! This is a lot of information and resources packed into this unit study! If you’ve ever considered study the United States Constitution, now is the time to do it! The free, printable Lapbook has over 80 pages of notebooking pages, charts, outlines, mini books, copywork, flashcards, and more! Make learning a somewhat tedious subject […]

FREE Printable Preamble to the Constitution Copywork Page


The idea behind copywork is to give our children the opportunity to practice their penmanship while reproducing purposeful thoughts. This free, printable Preamble to the Constitution Copywork is perfect for penmanship practice! It is available in ruled and primary lines as well as two different formats.Click here to download your free printables! Need An Affordable Approach […]

FREE Preamble to the Consitution Printables


Memorization helps are always welcome at my house. Perhaps these will be a help at your house too? The Preamble to the Constitution will be a cinch to memorize with these free printables! It includes an interactive sheet with flaps, picture cards, fill-in-the-blank, and copywork.Click here to download your free printables! Need An Affordable Approach to […]

FREE Printable Bill of Rights Matching Game


What a great way to learn the Bill of Rights! This free, printable Bill of Rights Matching Game will have your elementary student learning the Amendments super-quick. More than ever, it’s important for Americans to know and understand our God-given rights. Honestly, this game would be suitable for students of all ages, and by “all […]

What we are using for Highschool: Constitutional Literacy


My son is very excited to use Constitutional Literacy this year! My son is going into 11th grade this year. For his ninth grade year we did a Government course with him and he loved it. He just loves History! This year he is dual enrolling in our local community college where he will be taking […]