Teach Kids to Code with these 6 Genius Ideas


There are a few super genius ways kids can learn to code in their adolescent years. This super mega post is filled with information for why and how a kid should learn to code. Many techie kids are curious about learning to program and code. Technology continues to play a bigger and bigger role in […]

Minecraft Challenge Cards


Minecraft is a very popular game – building, mining, adventuring… there’s lots of things to do. Would you like to be able to help your kids come up with a fun challenge of what to do today on their game? With 66 different activities, including some for multiplayer and even offline, your kids are going […]

The Internet Scavenger Hunt – FREE for a limited time!


Introduce your kids to Internet research using Motherboard Books’ five-page enrichment lesson, the Internet Scavenger Hunt. Kids learn computer skills and gather fun and weird facts about animals and geography as they crisscross the Internet using Google, after setting it to SafeSearch to screen out the bad stuff. Some typing skills are required. This is […]