Free eBook: Internet Kids – Road Trip


In the world of electronic devices becoming our best friends, it’s inevitable for our kids to follow our footsteps. And as we all know, online world is full of dangers, be it sex offenders or identity theft, our kids are vulnerable as never before. Teach your little ones basics of online safety with this colorful […]

Coding for Kids


You may have heard the term “coding” tossed around in reference to the computer world, but do you know what it really is? Coding is the “language” that makes it possible to create computer software, websites, apps, etc., and it is fast becoming relevant to everyone’s world whether they consider themselves a tech-geek or not.You […]

FREE Printable Media Time Punch Card


At my house, we have very little in the way of electronic gadgets pulling on my children. Yet, what little is there still seems to pull their desire and attention. These free, printable Media Time Punch Cards are perfect for keeping a handle on media or computer time by allowing your child to earn the time they […]