FREE Printable Weather Unit Study


The weather is an interesting topic of study and is fun to explore with little ones. No matter where you live or what day of the week, there is always weather! This free, printable Weather Unit Study explores four weeks of sun, shade, seasons, and more. It’s a perfect introductory course for young children and […]

FREE Preschool Cotton Ball Clouds Activity


If you are learning about your clouds in your homeschool, here is a great activity for your preschoolers.This activity uses printable labels for the names of clouds and cottonballs and paint! Your kids will have so much fun creating their own cloud shapes and matching them up to the correct name of that cloud. I […]

FREE Printable Weather Unit Study


The weather is such an interesting topic to study with children. Like adults, they are naturally curious about the wind, rain, and the snow. (I know of some adults who like to keep the tv station tuned round-the-clock to the weather forecast!) Enjoy exploring the water cycle, seasons, disaster preparedness and more with this free, printable […]

DIY Cloud Mobile with FREE Printable Cloud Template


How’s this for enhancing your weather study? While you talk about the types of clouds – cumulus, cirrus, or stratus – your student will love working on this do-it-yourself cloud mobile! The cloud template is for the delightfully fluffy, cumulus-style clouds.Click here to download your free printable! Need An Affordable Approach to Learning? Save time, […]

FREE Printable Types of Clouds Worksheets


Clouds pique a child’s natural curiosity, and these printable Type of Clouds worksheets are yours free! They cover the three main types of clouds, and contain illustrated as well as photo pictures of the clouds. Perfect for a study on weather!Click here to download your free printables! Need An Affordable Approach to Learning? Save time, […]

FREE Clouds Unit Study


Take advantage of the warmer days and get outside to do a cloud unit study. Include these cloud printable worksheets for FREE from Vanilla Joy. There are 9 printables in all; perfect for grades PreK – 3rd.GET THEM HERE Need An Affordable Approach to Learning? Save time, money and stress with our award-winning online homeschool […]

All Kinds of Weather – Resources, printables, activities & MORE

Weather can be so much fun to study. Check out this HUGE list of Weather themed resources including FREE printables, crafts, activities & MORE!! ::

Living in Oklahoma most of my life, we experienced all 4 seasons of weather. Sometimes even in the same day! I became fascinated with all things weather at an early age and can remember “watching” tornadoes travel through town while sitting on our roof. (Don’t worry – we were with my Dad and safe.)My kids […]

The Little Cloud Printables, Activities and Craft Ideas


This is the 5th post in our Eric Carle Book Series!Here are some FREE Printables, Activities and Ideas to go along with another favorite book:What Did Little Cloud Become? Dot to Dot PageLittle Cloud Trace and ColorLittle Cloud Emergent ReaderThe Little Cloud Customizable Printable WorksheetWeather Ideas and Cloud Book IdeaPuffy Paint Cloud Art IdeaCloud Art […]

Cloud Themed Unit Studies and Free Resources


I think Science is an easy subject to teach because you can pick one particular theme and create an entire unit study around it! Clouds are mysterious, fluffy and lots of fun to look at! Enjoy this list of Unit Studies and FREE Printables on Clouds!:Types of Clouds ChartThe Amazing World of Clouds Flip BookTypes of […]