FREE Printable Telling Time Games for Kids


If you are teaching your kids to tell time this year, then this is an awesome game to go alongside your lesson. Telling time was hard for me as a third grader. I remember trying to get it in public school, and being so frustrated about it. I could have really used the help of […]

FREE Telling Time Printable Pack (Limited Time Freebie)


If you are teaching your homeschoolers to tell time this year, then this freebie can help. This Telling the Time Printable Pack contains a variety of activities and worksheets that will help children with learning to tell the time. I remember having such a hard time telling time in the 3rd grade. I remember just not […]

26 Telling Time Activities


Learning to read an analog clock or watch can be tricky, but everyone needs to know how to do it! When you’re teaching your young one this skill, it’s helpful to use lots of different games and activities. Here are 26 Telling Time Activities that will make it interesting and fun!Click here to download your free […]

FREE Printable Insect Telling Time Puzzles


These puzzles are bold, colorful, and cute! Best of all is that they will help your youngster practice telling time. The bug collecting graphics are so cheerful! There are 24 puzzles, and of course you can laminate them for added durability.Click here to download your free printables! Need An Affordable Approach to Learning? Save time, […]

FREE Printable Telling Time Practice Booklet


Learning to tell time is a skill that requires lots of practice! Your student will have 19 pages of practice sheets with this free, printable booklet. There are lots of problems with analog clocks and a.m./p.m., which are important, and sometimes difficult for children to grasp. These sheets have plenty of room to write their […]

Clock Matching Sensory Bin with FREE Printables


This is a fun activity to help to help students learn to tell time! Once you cut down the printables, you place the digital clocks in the sensory bin and match them to the analog clocks. Children love manipulatives, and digging through the colored rice adds a different aspect to this learning activity.Click here to […]

Free Printable Tootsie Time Worksheets

tootsie time[7]

I always say I don’t care for Tootsie Rolls. Until there’s a bag sitting on the counter. Suddenly, I can’t remember why I say those mean things about the cute, little, chewy, brown, sugar delights. Imagine your excitement if your mom had set this worksheet in front of you. Periodically throughout the day, you call out “Tootsie […]