FREE Printable Preamble Scramble


If your children are studying American history¬†or the Constitution, you’re going to want this fun puzzle. It will help them memorize the Preamble to the United States Constitution! Simply print up the free printable, have your children color it, and then cut it out. You’re ready to go! This activity is perfect for any age.Click […]

FREE Printable Constitutional Amendment Cootie Catcher


From one end to the other, cootie catchers are so much fun! Whoever thought about combining a cootie catcher with learning, needs a medal because it’s pure genius! This free printable is a perfect compliment to learning the amendments to the U.S. Constitution. It lists the first 10 amendments and is perfect for self-quizzing.Click here […]

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This week’s the perfect time to enroll in the All About Elections Online Unit Study if… 1. You’re hearing news about the upcoming Presidential election and your kids are asking questions. 2. You feel clueless and unqualified to teach your kids about politics and the electoral process. 3. You love a good a deal. At […]

New United States Presidency Online Unit Study – Free this month to Subscribers


The media is all abuzz with news and opinions about Presidential candidates. Does your family have a solid understanding of the role of president? Do you consider what the job entails when evaluating candidates? Loving Learning Freely is offering the¬†United States Presidency Online Unit Study free to subscribers this month. With this 3-day online homeschool […]