Reformation Day Family Bible Study Flash Sale! {Ends 10/31/2017}


The Five Solas are Latin slogans that were popularized by the Reformers during the Protestant Reformation (1350-1648). These slogans are based on biblical truths and sound doctrine. Knowing and understanding the Five Solas is important for your children–it will help them to read and apply Scripture to their lives. The 5 Solas: Signs to Follow […]

4 Free Church History Resources for Middle & High School!


Christian parents must teach their children the Bible–it’s our primary responsibility. In addition to a thorough knowledge of Scripture, it’s so important that middle and high school students learn Church history as a foundational basis for history, worldview, philosophy, and theology. An understanding of both Scripture and the history of the Christian faith will equip […]

Church History Giveaway

Alton Gansky Book Giveaway

Are you looking for an engaging way to incorporate church history into your high schooler’s new school year? Don’t miss this two-book giveaway! 30 Events That Shaped the Church traces the history of the church from Pentecost to the modern day with stories that highlight key moments in the history of the Christian faith. 60 People […]

Reformation Day Resources: {free} printables, activities and MORE!

Reformation Day is coming up October 31st. Here are some great ideas to help your kids learn more and celebrate this great day in Church History!

Reformation Day is a holiday I want my kids to know all about. It’s a pivotal point in church history that shaped the beliefs and freedoms we have today. So this year, we will be doing some fun printables and hands-on activities to learn more and celebrate this event that happened so many years ago […]