FREE Fidget Spinner Challenge Games


Take advantage of the fidget spinner craze and get kids learning with these free printable Fidget Spinner Challenges. Use these activities for summer review concepts that your child has already learned, while they race against the spinner. Practice reading sight words, CVC words, letters, numbers and more. The games include challenges for CVC words, sight […]

Geoboard Activity Cards- FREE Geometry Challenge


Help your homeschool explore, discover and analyze shapes with this free fun set of Geoboard Activity Cards. Geoboards can be a powerful tool in your math lessons. This post will explain how to use them effectively and provides a list of what your homeschool can do with geoboards. The list shares geoboard activities for elementary  […]

FREE STEM Foosball Challenge


This STEM Challenge is made for kids as they engineer a foosball table with players competing on two teams. It’s a perfect team building project with students choosing between building the playing field, the players, or decorating the model. This STEM activity was designed and tested with 4th and 5th-grade students and it’s completely free. […]

2018 Joy Seekers Scripture Memory Challenge


I am SO doing this memory challenge! This challenge has 52 verses about seeking joy that encourage the practice of memorizing one verse a week. It is essential that we are intentional in our ways following Christ… day by day, moment by moment. It will be challenging, but its doable. Remember the scripture:Isaiah 55:11 It is […]

Bridge Building Stem Challenge- FREE Printables and Supply List


Combine fun and fascination with this affordable and awesome DIY bridge building stem challenge kit. Besides just being a fun science experiment activity, it can also be used as a Christmas gift! The kit includes instructions and a supply list of items you can get for under ten dollars! Most of these items you already […]

50+ FREE Printable Ideas and Resources to Help Your Family Grow in Love


Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, and mind, and love your neighbor as yourself. These are the two biblical commands on which every other command hangs. I really want to love at all times, but my goals, time schedule, and weariness often gets in the way. Honestly, true love sacrifices; and if […]