FREE Timeline of Manitoba History

Timeline of Manitoba History

Manitoba is one of the three Prairie Provinces of the Dominion of Canada, and is located halfway between the Atlantic Ocean and the Pacific Ocean. Manitoba is famous for its natural resources, which include nickel and zinc. It also has many forests, rivers, and lakes, which make it a popular place for tourists to visit. […]

FREE Timeline of Quebec History

Timeline of Quebec History

Quebec was one of the four original provinces of the Dominion of Canada, and is the largest province of Canada. The first permanent European settlement in Canada was in Quebec, along the St. Lawrence River. There are many attractions in Quebec for tourists, including historical and art museums, along with outdoor attractions such as hiking, […]

FREE Timeline of Newfoundland and Labrador History

Timeline of Newfoundland and Labrador History

Newfoundland and Labrador is the newest province in Canada and is one of the most sparsely populated. Most of the people in Newfoundland and Labrador live in small fishing settlements known as outports along the coast. Fantastic scenery, community festivals, and the many museums and historic sites, make this province a treasure for tourists. Discover the […]

FREE Timeline of Ontario History

Timeline of Ontario History

Ontario was one of the four original provinces of the Dominion of Canada, and is one of Canada’s Atlantic Provinces. The industries in the “Manufacturing Heartland of Canada” produce a large portion of the manufactured goods for the entire nation. Discover the home of Sir Frederick Banting, William “Billy” Bishop, Roberta Bondar, Frank Gehry, Wayne Gretzky, […]

FREE Timeline of Nova Scotia History

FREE Timeline of Nova Scotia History

Almost entirely surrounded by the sea, Nova Scotia is a haven for beach-loving tourists who come for the moderate temperatures, canoeing, sailing, hiking and whale watching. This home of George Dixon, Charles Fenerty, Abraham Gesner, Sue Holloway, Aileen Meagher, and Joshua Slocum also hosts many festivals each year focused on remembering its heritage. Enjoy this free 7-page […]

FREE Timeline of New Brunswick History

Timeline of New Brunswick History

Rich in both natural resources and history, New Brunswick draws visitors from around the world. This home of Sara Emma Evelyn Edmonds, Andrew Bonar Law, Romeo LeBlanc, Sir Samuel Leonard Tilley, Wallace Rupert Turnbull, and Peter Mitchell was one of the four original provinces of the Dominion of Canada. Enjoy this free 7-page Canadian history printable and create […]

FREE Introduction to Canadian History Quiz Pack


This 54-page quiz pack is a great way to learn about some of the many Canadians who have left their mark on history as well as the provinces and territories of Canada. Seventeen quizzes and puzzles cover early explorers, the Fathers of Confederation, prime ministers, famous sports figures, the RCMP, and much more. Test your […]

FREE Canadian History Card Game

Date Dash Canada Card Game

In what year did Samuel de Champlain found Quebec City, the first permanent French colony in Canada? In what year did the Park Royal Shopping Centre open in West Vancouver, British Columbia? Welcome to Date Dash Canada, the multiple choice card game that tests your knowledge of Canadian history! The game includes two levels. Level One tests general […]